about the film

PALO ALTO is the story of four college freshman on their last night of Thanksgiving Break, their first time back since leaving for school. The film opens with Alec, Nolan, Patrick and Ryan running through the halls of their old high school trying not to get caught by campus security. They hide out in the autoshop until the coast is clear and then decide to finally part ways for the night.

Alone and concerned that his night will end with no excitement, Alec befriends an older fraternity brother, Anthony.  The two quickly bond through mutual initiation stories, and the admiration Alec has for the more experienced partier.

On a school bus, Morgan, in his twenty-fifth year as a bus driver, discovers his old passenger Nolan at a public bus stop. The two catch up and Morgan tries his luck as cupid by inviting a young girl on board.

Patrick is visiting Amy, his girlfriend of four years. Patrick attempts to explain his vision of the future, which, of course, includes Amy. She quickly cuts him off, breaking his heart and destroying his neatly planned life.

When Ryan arrives at Audrey’s house, he expects to get some action and leave quickly. He is shocked to hear that she wants more than a physical relationship. Disgusted with his reaction, Audrey steals his car – leaving him stranded with her Grandma.  Ryan and the Grandma hit the streets in her aging automobile looking for Audrey.

The four boy’s stories continue throughout the night, briefly intersecting, before the sun rises and they all leave home again.